Brady & Hamilton has extensive experience handling eminent domain matters. Every partner at Brady & Hamilton is a property owner, so we understand what it takes to protect your land. We work hard not only to ensure that you receive fair monetary compensation as a result of these transactions, but that you receive the most comprehensive easement terms as well. This protects your rights and those of future generations. Our eminent domain experience includes condemnation proceedings arising from the construction or modification of roads, schools, electrical transmission lines, water lines, and oil and gas pipelines.

Eminent Domain Process

If you’ve received notice of an eminent domain proceeding, do not sign anything and contact Brady & Hamilton as soon as possible. The people attempting to take your property will not pay you proper compensation unless you hold their feet to the fire.


While we negotiate on your behalf, we'll inspect the property, review documents, and recommend the right expert witness.


At the Special Commissioners’ Hearing, we’ll cross-examine witnesses, present our own experts, and make our closing argument on your behalf.


Many cases are successfully negotiated, but if necessary we’ll fight for your rights as a property owner in the courtroom.

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